About Us

One of the first reasons why an owner chooses an Azimut yacht is nearly always beauty. Then, the intrinsic values of the product come into play: its comfort, safety features, level of technology and elegant living solutions. Finally, owners want something more between the time of making their choice and the purchase. They want the boatyard that builds the yacht of their dreams to be able to boast a significant history, to have consolidated a network of services, to reflect a successful image and, above all, to be a sound company.
In all these aspects, Azimut Yachts can deliver results and guarantees of a true industry leader.

A luxury yacht has value if that value is long-lasting. If its beauty can challenge the seasons. If its style is a source of inspiration for those who are passionate about the sea, and not just a fashion follower. The design of Azimut yachts shapes the Italian essence behind the brand. Each model in the Azimut range reflects the attention to detail and the style excellence of Italian manufacturing.

The construction of luxury yachts requires production efficiency, advanced technologies and an ability to innovate. Boat owners who choose Azimut choose luxury, hi-tech yachts, built at cutting-edge boatyards where the Group’s investments in research culminate.
Azimut-Benetti’s R&D Centre develops technologies that are unique worldwide, for an experience at sea that is effortless and safe. In fact Azimut’s technologies are always designed to deliver safety and comfort to yacht owners.

Design, technology, materials, components and human expertise are all Azimut hallmarks that meet a higher standard: quality. This philosophy is possible because Azimut has put its income back into the company, over more than forty years, investing in personnel training, technological research, product development and the upgrading of plants and structures. Only in this way has it been possible to be the number one boatyard of choice worldwide for the construction of mega yachts for 12 years running.

Our Team
Dennis Nathan, CPA, MBA
The CEO of Azimut Yachts Israel, one of the pioneers in Israel of competitive sailing.
He started marketing and sailing luxury power and sailing boats in 1995. he is considered the doyen of mega yachts dealers in Israel.
Today he devotes many hours at sea to sport and competitive fishing.

Niso Gadot
Partner owner,
Sales Director of Azimut Yachts Israel and leads the Azimut – Benetti brand.
Niso graduated from the Naval Officers Academy and served as a commander of a Naval Patrol Boat during his military service, reaching the rank of Major and is still on active reserve duty.
BA graduate in Economics and Business Administration.
He captained many different yachts all over the world and was a chief instructor of a sailing school in Herzliya.
He is married and father of two future sailors.

Gal Oren
Partner owner,
He is in charge of the after-sales and customer care of Azimut Yachts Israel.
Gal is graduated of the Israeli Navy and has extensive technical and practical experience and knowledge in power and sailing boats.
He is an enthusiast competitive sailor and he is the proud owner of a boat Dufour 40 foot Performance sailing yacht.
He is married and father of twin cute girls

Gabriella Laufer Maman
Gabriella is the office manager. She holds a BSc. (chemist) and MBA degrees. For more than 20 years working on operation management, logistic, purchasing, import and processes development in biotech and electronics industries.
She has a great love of the sea, and to her credit an Atlantic crossing as well as skipper and competitive sailor. Married and mother of two daughters both promising sailors.